Knowmetry - Translations, Research and Insights

Strategic Planning at Knowmetry

  • Knowmetry is the product of more than 25 years of experience in the field of marketing communications, with input from copywriting, creative direction, brand planning and management of integrated communications programs.


  • Knowmetry is a unique fusion of strategic planning and creative execution conceived exclusively to assist clients in becoming leaders of their respective business categories.


  • For a flat rate covering the review of a research report not older than three years, Knowmetry delivers in one week (or a fortnight if hypothesis confirmation is required) a complete reassessment of the situation in the light of current business circumstances. The findings are presented in a workshop to an audience of key decision makers of the company by an analysis specialist, or in an executive summary, whichever is more efficient.

  • For a yearly consultation rights fee, Knowmetry clients can contact us at any time for participation in strategic planning processes and committees, assistance in the elaboration of briefs for marketing communications suppliers, review of campaign proposals, or simply to discuss a recently spotted trend, or a communications issue that would benefit from an outsiders' objective input.


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